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Free Download Tausiyah Cinta (2016) Full Movie Indonesia [filmfreefull]

Tausiyah Cinta (2016) Full Movie

  • Judul Film : Tausiyah Cinta (2016)
  • Genre Movie : Drama, Romantis
  • Tanggal Rilis : 3 Maret 2016
  • Pemain/Pemeran : Hamas Syahid, Ressa Rere, Rendy Herpy, Zaky Ahmad Rivai, Peggy Melati Sukma, Hilman Rosyad, Irwansyah, Rafi Cinoun, Meyda Sefira, Afwan Riyadi, Neno Warisman
  • Igo Ilham,
  • Kualitas Gambar : DVDRIP
Synopsis :

The hatred of Lefan (Rendy Herpy) on his father grew larger when he lost his mother. Lefan considers her father always hurt her inner mother. In this situation, Elfa (Hidayatur Rahmi)), his older sister, who is a ustadzah, does not have his advise. Lefan thinks that his brother is not really concerned with the family.

Lefan proved to her father how to succeed without Father's help and glorify women. Lefan manages to be a rich, famous and successful business Conceptualtor. When his career is at the top, the Revenge of Lefan's heart makes him a great inner struggle. Like a thirsty man in the desert, he encountered a stalemate to find a better path. The meeting of Lefan with Azka (Hamas Syahid Izzuddin), opened who has been settinged in Lefan's heart. Azka can also answer Lefan's question. Two handsome youths met with Rein (Ressa Rere), an end-level environmental engineering student who was completing his script.

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