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Download Film Anak Garuda (2020)

Anak Garuda (2020) | Download Film Anak Garuda (2020) | Stream Anak Garuda (2020)

Anak Garuda (2020) | Download Film Anak Garuda (2020) | Stream Anak Garuda (2020)
Sinopsis :

7 Anak Garuda face conflict in the absence of their mentor in Europe as they struggle to work through their differences to make this expensive trip their most memorable one.

Trailer :

Can or Can’t, Must!
Duration: 129 Min
Quality: WEBDL
Year: 2020
Release:16 Jan 2020
Language:Bahasa indonesia
Director:Verdi Solaiman
Cast:Ajil DittoClairine ClayTissa Biani Azzahra
Genre: Drama

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